Chicago Mixtape

Once we got into Pitchfork and I was no longer distracted by the bike glory on the streets, I was able to focus on the music. I love my bikes but I adore music, so this weekend was heaven for me. We got to see several great performances. I also met some great folks while I was there. While cruising through the merch tents I met Casey Meehan of Chicago Mixtape. Chicago Mixtape is a site that connects local music fans to Chicago artists. Each week he sends out a compilation of MP3s of local Chicago music to subscribers. This was a great idea to me since I have always been a fan of my friends making mixtapes for me. I learned a lot about music and explored different genres that I would not have thought of. It is how my music knowledge grew. I miss those days so now I get to relive them through a simple e-mail. Even though I do not live in Chicago, I love to hear new music and bands do tour, so maybe they will end up playing my town. Another reason why I think this is a great idea? It does not matter what town you live in, you should always support your local music scene. Every band has to start somewhere. Go check it out, you might find a new tune to love from a great city.



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